Chocoteddy Air Purifier - Chocoteddy 負離子空氣淨化器 Air Purifier (Chocoteddy 官方網站)
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Light Weight and Environmental Friendly
Always Protect You and Your Loved Ones
Air Purifier

Small In Size with Large Protection

Protect You from Ultra-fine Air Pollutants

Protect and Safeguard Your Healthy Breathing

Especially suitable for: People suffering from Nasal Allergy, Asthma, taking everyday public transport, going to school and work, exposing to germs and allergies

HK $499

3 Colours Choice for Your Selection
The City has an increasing amount of tiny particles.
This invisible crisis is approaching and affecting the lives of you and your family.
Do you know these potential crises?

There Are Many Kinds of Impurities in the Air That Are Harming Your Health,

the Impurities Are Hurting Your Body Every Time When You Are Breathing

Dust and Hair

Bacteria and Viruses

Pollen and Smell


CHOCOTEDDY Air Purifier is light weight and stylish, it can remove variety of air pollutants effectively, including PM2.5, Smoke, Odour, Formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and Allergens, etc.

When you stay in your personal space and inside the cabin, you can breathe in clean and healthy air. Anions can reduce variety of air pollutants effectively, promote a faster rate of metabolism, activate cells and relieve symptoms of motion sickness.

Purified Fresh Air
Defend Your Healthy Breathing by advanced technology

High Efficiency Anion

Purify Smoke

1m3 Purified Range

Carry along

95% Effective sterilization

Eliminate  PM2.5

Purify Formaldehyde

No Consumables

Anion Purification Principle
Defend Major Pollutants In The Air
Protect and Safeguard Your Health

Adsorption, Aggregation and Sedimentation / Chemical Reaction Decomposition, Decomposing Harmful Substances To Generate Carbon Dioxide And Water, Purifying Particulate Pollutants In The Air Effectively.


Anion Physical Particles Absorb
PM2.5 Particles Deposition


Anion Aggregation
Dust Particles to Settle


Anions decompose viruses, bacteria and other organic matters
To Produce Carbon Dioxide, Water

Safe and Harmless
Protect and Safeguard The Health of Your Children And Your Pets
Be Your Warming Companion
Life Will Be Much More Different
Capture Accurately, Purify Rapidly
28,000,000 Million Anions/cm3

Resist And Remove 99.9% of Major Air Pollutants and PM2.5
Adopt High Efficiency Anion Generator
Produce Up To 28 Million Anions Per Second
Equivalent to 1,300 times of Anions Generated by Natural Waterfall
Just Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy The Clean Air

Let You Breathe In Fresh Air From Nature

Fashionable And Easy To Carry

Ultra-light Design
Overall weight 25g  (Half an Egg Weight)
Hanging Neck Design
Loadless Feeling
Quiet Design

Lighter Than You Imagine

Neutralize Radiation To Protect Your Living

The Air Purifier generates large amount of Anions, which can effectively neutralize positive radiation generated by household devices (such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditionings, computers, mobiles, etc.), to avoid harmful effects onto your skin.
In a closed air-conditioned room, the effect is much more obvious

Make your home much more relieved

Suitable For All People At Work And In Study

Suitable For People With Nasal Allergy And Asthma
Suitable For Children And Baby
Suitable for People in Daily Public Transports
Suitable For People With Frequent Exposures To Germs And Allergens

Keep You And Your Family Full Protection

Improve Sleep Quality

Quiet And Fresh
Zero Radiation
Can still hear your breath Even when the purifier is working

Let You Enjoy Every Quiet And Safe Evening

Purified Fresh Air
Defend Your Healthy Breathing by advanced technology
Product Name


Product Number


Battery Life

Charging 2 hours for 8-10 hours usage

Anion Concentration

28,000,000 Anion /m3

Product Weight


Product Size


Rated Power

< 1W

Rated Voltage


Product Accessories
  • Air Purifier x 1
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone Lanyard x 1
  • 1A USB Charging Cable x 1
  • Manual x 1
  • White
  • Black
  • Pink
CHOCOTEDDY Professional Team

We commit to let everyone enjoying high-quality purifier.

We understand that places with congested environments, crowds and turbid air are vulnerable to viruses,

Or for those who are suffering from nasal allergy, or those who cannot be bothered from secondhand smoke.

Therefore, we value great importance to the living environment by improving air quality around us.

Our team adopt pulse needle tip technology to release large amount of Anions per every second, and utilize advanced technologies to improve air quality around you, so that, you can always breathe in fresh air. The team combines development, production and industrial design talents. We love stylish design, and we pursue high-quality products, and develop meticulous CHOCOTEDDY Air Purifier for everyone to use and enjoy.

We are committed to obtain various certifications for protecting customers’ safety.
1. When the hand touches the nozzle or the metal head in the middle, there will be a feeling of electric shock. Does it leak?

Negative ions can generate static electricity, but it needs to reach a concentration to generate static electricity. Static electricity is easily misunderstood as a leakage, but it is not a leakage.

Negative ions will produce more active negative ions when they encounter metal, so the metal head will also appear static. This is also normal.

2. What can I do if I want to reduce the feeling of static electricity?

We have already to produce a Anti-static metal head cover (reducing static electricity) can call us for free:
Telephone 25050035, 28982903
11:30-8:30 or
Leave a message on Facebook, write the recipient’s name, address, phone, request the metal head cover (reduction of static electricity)

Anti-static metal head cover usage:
Put the (metal head cover) on the metal head in the middle to reduce the occurrence of static electricity.

3. The feeling of electric shock is particularly strong when charging, is there any leakage?

When charging, the current will increase. If the machine is turned on and charged, it will easily generate more static electricity, so it must be turned off to charge.

4. Is static electricity harmful to the body?

Static electricity is not harmful to the body, for example: when wearing sweaters in winter, static electricity will appear, and some people will easily produce static electricity, which varies from person to person.

5. Why do other negative ion machines seem to have no static electricity?

Negative ions can generate static electricity, but need to reach a concentration to generate static electricity. If the amount of negative ions is not enough, there will be no obvious static electricity.

The general negative ion machine on the market is (power saving mode) spraying for a few stops, there is no continuous spray, and it can be used for 20-40 hours, so it generates less static electricity. Chocoteddy emits negative ions continuously and operates without interruption, so it is relatively easy to generate static electricity.

6. Charging time?

If it works normally, it can be charged for 2 hours, usually 8-10 hours.

Use Guideline

How to charge the CHOCOTEDDY Air Purifier.

How to switch on and off the CHOCOTEDDY Air Purifier.